What if you never verify?

I have been buying PSN cards from Gameflip now for over 6 months and now all of a sudden I’m being told I need to verify my identity and payments. I tried to go through the process to verify a credit card. It specifically asked for a photo of the front and back of my credit card with the all but the last 4 numbers blocked. It did not ask for anything else. So I submitted the photos of the front and back of my card and waited almost a full day only to receive a rejection notification because I did not also include a “selfie” with the credit card. No where in the instructions did it request that or else I would not have bothered.

There is ZERO reason why you would need a photo of me for an online transaction. Asking for me to submit a picture of my government issued photo ID for identity verification is an extremely shady business practice, because I don’t care how great you think your encryption is, this is how identity theft occurs.

So my question is, should I choose not to submit this information to my profile, will I still be able to make purchases with Gameflip? Right now I have two purchases “Under Review”. One was made using my credit card that has now been “Under Review” for over 24 hours. The other purchase I used my Paypal account hoping that wouldn’t be an issue, but it’s been “Under Review” for almost 12 hours now as well.

Is this a case where I just need to look elsewhere for buying PSN cards?

You can block out some of the information on your ID if you wish to do that. I think it really just needs your name, expiration, DOB. Of which I just blocked out the last number of the year for my DOB and it got accepted. If you aren’t comfortable doing that, unfortunately I think you will still get tagged for suspicious activity and the items will go under review. Even when completely verified, occasionally my purchases will go under review. Just depends how much you buy.

And that’s ridiculous. No other business requires this. They wanted proof my payment was mine, i showed them the front and back of the card. a picture of me with the credit card would not help verify my payment information since they don’t know what i look like anyway.

I’m fine with all my purchases going under review but right now both of my purchases have been under review for well over 24 hours when they advertise “up to 24 hours”.

Looks like my time with Gameflip has come to an end.

Have you received an email from them requiring information? If the information isn’t provided the orders will just be canceled. I understand the frustration, I didn’t want to verify any of my information either. The picture of you holding a sign (piece of paper with “For Gameflip with todays date”) with your ID is just to verify that it is you to prevent fraud.

Small purchases likely wont go into review, but anything over a certain dollar amount will.

Myself, only my I.D. is verified. It is not necessary to verify yourself, only your purchases and add funds will go under review. I didn’t like it that no other website verifies like this, but there is no other website such as.

Nope. No emails at all so far. Also submitting a picture of me with a piece of paper and an ID does nothing to prove identity because anyone can fabricate a fake ID for this purpose.

I currently only have 2 $20 purchases still under review. One of which is a paypal payment. Paypal is a secure method for purchases. There should be NO reason they would need to hold a Paypal payment under review. And certainly not for over 24 hours.

They obviously don’t have the manpower to implement this unnecessary system for it to function in a timely fashion.

there is a reason there is no other website like this that does this. Every other business recognizes that the process is shady and inefficient. I can fake an ID for their verification process and it will accomplished nothing, or I can submit my real ID and open myself up to identity theft.

Pop out with a issued ID, and its no different than someone checking your mail… there it is your Name… Address… sure, your DOB isn’t on there… but like I said… I blocked out the last digit of mine… Just black out your drivers license information… they don’t need all the information, it literally tells you what they need to verify.

But if you’re really done… just go into the app, cancel the purchases, and then be done… no one is trying to force you to give your information…

I believe the verification is to check if you actually own the credit card or PayPal account. There’re lots of hackers using stolen cards or PayPal account to buy gift cards and then disappear.

Well i guess it doesn’t matter. i guess they are forcing you to give this information because after almost two days “under review” they canceled the orders with no emails asking for information. No reasons given for why they were cancelled. Very unprofessional system this has turned into.

Also lost the coupon since they are saying it’s been used. Yeah, used on a transaction that was canceled by them without notification. :roll_eyes:

Unfortunately you cannot use a coupon again, even if a purchase has been cancelled. The only way to get another discount is to wait for another code.

Honestly gameflips customer service is the worse of all, can’t wait till a competitor comes out similar to them cuz asking all the information that they ask is shady as fudge, they also asked me for a copy of my cellphone bill which needs my name and address the funny thing is Mintsim doesn’t require heck they don’t want your address only zipcode to get service yet this joke of a company is asking more information that my ACTUAL cellphone provider required

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, but these steps are taken to provide a safe marketplace for all of our users and for fraud prevention purposes.

Also, the verification is done only once and will reduce the chance of your purchases ending up in review.

If you would like more information on this process, please check the following link:

Have a great day!

God Speed! :trident: