Problem (Credit card)

I can’t change the country when I try to associate my credit card and the screen turns grey

Are you using the app or the site?

Please refresh the webpage or try a different web browser. What is the URL/page that you received the error?

@Maria_Almendra Are you still having this problem?

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Using the site and the app

Yes I am just tried it again…says the page is down for maintaince

I will screen shot it. I have refreshed like 25 times. Honestly

You’re replying to a year old thread. You’re more likely to get help posting a new thread or contacting Gameflip support.

Hello @Girlfish,

Could you please provide us the screenshots and further information regarding to your issue? Also, are you using IOS or Android?

God Speed! :trident:

To be perfectly honest with you. I googled how to resolve my issue and your forum popped up so I was like…hummm they seem smart maybe they can help me. But now I have no clue what you are talking about or asking about.

I mean I know what kind of phone I have…its an Android. But…like I wasnt aware your site was for gaming?..:unamused::disappointed:

Yeah, this forum site is for a gaming site called These forums and threads are for issues regarding the site. We can’t really help you with issues regarding PayPal. You can always ask the PayPal support community or their support team to solve your problem. Maybe because you were searching for solutions for your issue, this site popped up since Gameflip used to support payments and withdrawals through PayPal and people posted here to ask questions regarding it in the past.

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Hello @Girlfish,

Sorry for the confusion.

Yes, Gameflip is a Gaming website, but we also have a variety of Gift Cards if you are interested.

In this case, I would follow @nfsjayiscool’s recommendation and find a PayPal community to help you out or you can contact PayPal support.

Have a good day!

God Speed! :trident:

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