Gameflip Continually Rejecting CC

I have been having a problem with using my CC on Gamflip for over a month now.

I live in Canada, I am on the approved list of CC countries.

I have tried multiple CCs and they all decline, all have funds.

I used to use my CCs all the time and suddenly they’re no longer working.

It is the only way I have to pay, I’ve had to abandon a few purchases because of this problem.

Technical support has no idea and never fixed it for me either.

I’m at a loss, what in the world is going on?!

Hello bro, If that doesn’t work out with you so you have to pay with PayPal it would be easier for you.

I did have a PP account on GF. I had to change my email address due to too much spam and when I changed it on PayPal, GF no longer allows me to login in to it even though it’s the exact same PayPal account.

I can’t use my CCs and my PP doesn’t work either.

This is dumb beyond words.

I’ve had issues with trying to put my CC on as well because it doesn’t recognized postal code, probably because I live on a military installation or there is just an issue with their postal code process on this. You may be able to submit a ticket for the paypal issue though where they can switch it or remove the current so you can add a new one, but you’ve said technical support has no idea, so not sure how much that will help.

Exactly, so you have to submit a ticket for gameflip they will help you out with that

Hey Rmarkham88!

This issue is caused because the information you entered does not match that of the credit card. Without matching information the credit card company withholds the purchase. Please contact the credit card company to ensure the information you are entering is correct.

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

God Speed! :trident:

No, sorry that is not the answer. I use that credit card on multiple online stores and up until recently, GF accepted it just fine, I know how to enter my personal information.

Also, this is happening on 3 different cards. So no, that is not correct.

You will have to buy from one card if you submit a lot of cards i think your account will be blocked so be careful, the best way to buy from your own card only!

I hate to say this, but the people replying to my thread are making a lot of assumptions.

I’m an adult, I have more than one credit card. Please don’t assume I’m making transactions on other people’s cards.

I would also hope that as an adult, I know my name and postal code. How is that even a question?

None of the replies have been helpful whatsoever. I have not been blocked, it says my credit cards have been declined.

There is obviously a glitch on the system that will not allow me to use my Canadian credit cards. I have sent technical support multiple emails already. They have no idea what the issue is.

He’s the mod @DarkKnight and he knows already what’s going on in your account so you will need to ask him he will help you, good luck!

It’s also possible that your bank (that issued your CC) does not allow the card to make cross-border purchases or reject online transactions for certain categories (e.g. entertainment).

I see no reason why Gameflip would reject your card otherwise. They also use a 3rd party company (e.g. PayPal’s Braintree) to process the transaction, so if the transaction is rejected by the bank’s card or processor, there’s nothing they can do.

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