Cant buy with credit cards anymore

Hi! already talked to my banks Visa/Mastercard/Amex and they said that the payment was done but the merchant reversed the payment itself, so…its paypal/google pay’s fault or something is wrong on Gameflip? i have money to spend, is not the limit of the credit cards.
I need you guys to solve this please asap

@op_JOkEr @MajorTom @DarkKnight

If gameflip did’t receive payment , According to visa guidelines you need to fill up dispute through bank, but first talk to gameflip whether payment is successful or not, if success they will add balance for you.

its not like that, already called my banks and authorized the payments, but they said that the page is not accepting the money, its like gameflip rejects it, thats what they are saying

So wait for gameflip reply if money is on hold while gameflip didn’t get , you need to open dispute through bank

Hello Geronimo_Castreje,

Could you please contact the support team using the link below?

Thank you.