Got an SMS asking me to verify my Paypal payment

New user, just got approved and verified on Gameflip.
I am trying to load my wallet with my linked Paypal account ($88.88) and I received this SMS:
Action required: Payment verification is required for you recent Gameflip purchase. Please check your Paypal email for more info"

I went into my Paypal account and there’s nothing for me to do there, The payment is PENDING and t looks like it’s waiting for Gameflip to acknowledge it.

How do I approve this payment?
Thank you.

“Paypal email” refers to the email address you registered on PayPal, not PayPal itself. So please check your email inbox for an email from Gameflip and follow the link in it to enter the verification code.

I didn’t get any email with a 4-digit code.
An hour ago I got an email saying “Your purchase of “Add funds ($86.00)” has been canceled by Gameflip due to issues with the seller.”
What seller? I just wanted to add funds.
I’m having a hard time figuring out how this platform works…

It’s probably canceled automatically because you didn’t/couldn’t do the verification.

Are you registered on Gameflip using the regular email/password login? Make sure you have verified that email address
The PayPal verification email title should be “Confirm your Gameflip purchase”, in it is a link to complete the verification.

If you still can’t get that email then you can try adding the funds again, and contact support so they can manually verify you.

Thank you for your reply.
Yes I am registered and logged in.
I did not get a “Confirm your Gameflip purchase” from paypal, just a “You authorized a transaction to ijji, Inc.” which I get all the time when I use Paypal. I didn’t see any 4 digit code there.

I also don’t understand where these 4 digits go anyway, I mean even if I had them, where do I put them?

I’ll try purchasing again, maybe third time’s the charm :slight_smile:
Thank you.

The “Confirm your Gameflip purchase” email would have the four digit code and a link that opens the Gameflip webpage for you to enter the code.

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