PayPal verification

Hello i have bought an item but it says I need to verify PayPal with a 4 digit code,I got an email from PayPal saying the funds have been sent but does not have a 4 digit code I also checked my bank and it says gameflip 837373733 for example but again no 4 digit code, how long will it take for the verification to be done? I already Sent support screen shots of all this. For some reason this account has same email as my gameflip but it’s different… idk but my gameflip name is Jamie crooks and order number is 544fff01-10c3-4311-bbce-3a00d4bc9e0b

Hey @Jamie_Crooks, the email with the 4-digit code should have been sent shortly after you made the purchase.
The email account you should have gotten it is the same email you have registered with PayPal, not Gameflip.

The support team should respond to you promptly about this matter.

Thanks for responding I got the email and the digits I was able to confirm =) buy I bought an item and now it saya my payment is under review? I read that it could mean fraud, I use my own PayPal and even took the photo of my I.D and put that in my profile so I wouldn’t have to go through this yet I’m still waiting on this review??