No 4 digit character code in my bank statement

Umm so I made some purchases and everything was going fine I’m used to the verification systems and how bad they are but when I go to check for the 4 digit character code in my bank statement so I can verify my purchase… It wasn’t there and still is not what so I do?


You may send the support team a screenshot of your statement (you may hide any confidential information you need) so they can check it and release the purchase if everything is okay.

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Is there a charge from Gameflip in your bank/credit card statement? It should have the 4 digit code like in the article’s screenshot. If you used PayPal then you have to check your email.

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Yes there is but for some reason no code in the purchase.

What is gameflip email that I should send the picture too.

I’ve looked about a million times it just isn’t there I’ve never had this happen before and don’t really want to wait another 7 days for a refund. Any help would be awesome thank you guys

Thank y’all for the help gameflip has cancelled my orders.

Banks usually tell you who charged your credit card. For me it shows like this: GAMEFLP*57-KHJA
I wrote random letters and numbers just an example. It comes like that in my statement and also in an SMS right to my phone.

Yeah ive done this before on a different gameflip account and it worked just like that but this time there’s just a blank space after gameflp

Can u please help me out I just purchased somthing for 30$ and it wants a code an I don’t see a code in my bank