Need Help with 4 digit code

I made a purchase for 12 dollars on my account, and i went to activity/Stament section but i could not find the four digit code, all i could see was the purchased made from ‘GAMEFLIP’.
My order ID: 41ffb322-e2dd-4f4b-a567-c1465f955835
My profile ID: RMRN57
Help would be much appreciated.
Kind regards Jocky,

There wasn’t anything with digits within that? There should be… Below link for reference on it.

Hello Madman, There were no digits between them. Here is a image of what it says:

Hmm. That is interesting. You didn’t receive an email either? You may have to submit a ticket, at certain times there is live chat. Hopefully you’re able to get assistance this way.

I have checked all my emails, and it does not seem like i have any emails regarding a code, I did receive a email regarding to where i had to input the code along with the steps required to find the code. Other than that i have not received anything. About the live chat, where do i find this live chat. I have submitted a ticket already but I have yet to get a response from them.

Depends on the time for live chat, sometimes it’ll pop up for you, sometimes it wont. I haven’t been able to get exact times unfortunately.

Ah, Thank you very much! I will try to find some information about it.

Sorry to disturb you, I have a question is there anyway i can get into contact with any forum mods?

Not really, there a few that roam here but generally not on the weekends.


Ok thank you very much!

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