How do I enter my 4 digit verification code

How do I enter my 4 digit Verification code


It is about the payment verification code right?

Since you already got the code, there should already be an email asking for it to verify the payment.

If you are unable to find any link , notification on Gameflip or email regarding that, then you will have to contact Support.

I assume this is solved right? vvvv

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I did not get get the gmail to verify the 4 digit code

No it’s not I don’t know it’s my first time and I don’t know what to do I check my bank account and did the stuff but her it’s under review still asking for the code please step by step tell me what to do men please ? Also sorry for the spam I just really want to make my process work out.

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Yes, please do not spam same topics but I understand that you want to be able to buy items and solve your issue as fast as possible.

You will have to wait for a reply from Support or message/wait for a Mod directly on forums since normal users cannot help you with that. We don’t know the exact problem your facing as there could be many different factors so only they can help you check and advise you.
@DarkKnight, @MajorTom

I will be removing your other topics because it’s the same thing about the 4 digit verification code.

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Hello Jerry54148,

Can you tell me your invite code, so I can further check this for you?