Did not receive a 4-digit payment verification code in statement

This is my first purchase in gameflip.
Purchased a 50$ steam gift card.
My card was debited but in gameflip, for the process to complete, it asks me for a 4-digit code from bank statement.
The problem is there was no code in statement (For eg. if its supposed to be GAMEFLP50-QUIF my statement is like GAMEFLIP50-). There is no code after the -.
I messages support but it says it will take 1-2 days to reply but my order says it will get cancelled in a few hours without verification. I don’t want to cancel the order
Please any staff help me with solve this problem.

My order ID: b42a141f-409b-4a98-bf63-e31a875e4ead
Your code: J6MK76

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