Didnt recieve a 4 digit Debit Card verification code

I have attempted to add funds to my account (7,51$) and it said to visit my online Banking and go to the Activity or Statement section, and then find the recent charges from Gameflip and locate the 4 digit code that was part of the charge description. There was no code. 2 days passed and still nothing.
I would like to contact support to solve this issue.

You can submit a ticket here

Hi @Maartdaw,

I had exact same problem like 1 month ago. They said “we’ll cancel your order and payback the amount to your bank account.” Well, i’m still waiting… And the worst thing is, tried with another card of mine, 10 mins ago. It didn’t had 4 digit code aswell. xD

You can see my process here.

And they’ll answer you with bot messages %90 of the times, after u wrote them a ticket. Maybe your money comes in 7-10 days like they said, if you’re lucky. But my money is still stuck for 1 full month. Not 7-10 days, and no response now.

This is a huge issue! This company should be more organized and professional… I still haven’t been contacted by the support team. I’m definitely quitting Gameflip if i don’t get my money back

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