Verification Code Missing a digit (Only 3 numbers before the '-')


I followed all the instructions as provided in order to verify a purchase, however in the statement sent to me for my purchase it does not show a 4 digit code as the instructions provide. Only 3 digits before the hyphen. I even added a 0 at the beginning of the 3 digits just to check. Could someone take a look at this or manually verify my purchase?

The bank statement verification code seems to be bugged for some users. If you need to cancel the transaction then go to the order page and click Cancel. If you need help from a moderator then post your profile code.

(gray Add Funds link on the right, if you see it)

Had the same issue. If it starts “408-” that is a phone number. I waited three days for a customer service response, then my order was canceled “due to issue with the seller,” then later that night I finally get a reply from my help ticket and literally all they did was ask if my problem resolved itself. Lol. Good luck man. Their service sucks. Now more than ever.

My Profile code is: PWDBEB

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