messed up my email verification. now i didnt get my paypal verification code

As of today i started using this website to buy a game code. i made a account pretty much to buy that alone.

after i purchased it i realised why i wasn’t getting a code sent to me. i didnt have my email verified just yet. so i cancled the order and verifyed.

then i attempt to buy it again but. i never received a code. i got the recipt for buying the code. but i wasnt told what the code is. or what my verification code is. so now im just waiting for the timer to tick down for the refund that will automatically happen since i wasnt able to enter a code in and try again.

any tips on how to not get this problem? because it seems weird how even after i verify my account i still get no code at all.

Hello bro!

A lot of people got this problem , Gameflip working on it i guess!

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is that so? well will i get my refund eventually then? because in their help guidelines for verifying a payment with pay pal it states how if no code was entered after a few hours the payment will automatically be refunded. its been almost 10 hours since i attempted to buy the game code.

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Your account is verified or not?

My account is verified now. but even after i verified it and tryed to buy the code again i still did not receive any email about the 4 digit code to confirm the pay pal payment

Did you try to call your company to tell them that you want the 4 digit code to verify your PayPal? it might work out

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