Payment verification required

Been waiting over 24hours for my game code to come though. Paypal says “This is a temporary authorisation to make sure your funding source will cover the payment. Your funding source will be charged when ijji, Inc completes your order.” This happened the other day but never had to wait this long.

Just had the sell canceled. Whys that happened?

Just tried to buy another game. Same issue.

Create a support ticket (Login to (footer) > Contact Us) as each individual case is unique.

I have. Just doing my head in. Plus it takes them a while to get back to you.

This is taken the piss now. I cant buy anything without it need validated. Support is useless.

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Gameflip need fix this system of payment verification, several itens that user tried buy have this problem, the order appears on under review status and in few hours the transaction is canceled.
Please gameflip fix your system of payment verification

I had the verification code. It never got an email to verify it with the app never showed me either and the transaction was cancelled