Hello first time trying to buy something on gameflip and funds put on hold then refunded

I need help or another way of buying this item https://gameflip.com/item/-karambit-doppler-factory-new-/1ef9d18e-bd5a-47a1-878e-1564dc7f006d
i tried adding funds so i can place the order but the second funds i added of 100USD was put on hold for review then refunded after waiting almost 24 hours for reply in email/ticket and the first amount of 100USD was just sitting there i was going to add all funds but the second fund of 100 did not get released and put into my gameflip wallet balance so i did not proceed in adding another 130 USD because it will just get put on hold and under review and then canceled and refunded its like almost impossible to buy a 319 USD item on here or what please someone help. @DunnBiscuit

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hello Chris , hello @DunnBiscuit , please help my client! thanks

Can you share via PM your invite code, so I can check this further?