Hello great forum users :D


Hi people,
I’m Tali and I’m part of the Gameflip staff.
I’ll be here to help you with whatever I can and also learning from you all.

Always remember to send tickets to our support if you have any trouble, this way we can have a history of common issues to solve them better and inform your invite code here whenever you need our help.



Hi Tali, just be good as DunnBiscuit and let’s roll :smile:


I can’t promise that haha but I’ll do my best!
Thank you Wayz!


Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:


Thank you mohannade!
I think I’ll like this place :smiley:


Welcome my brother !!!


Tali… Tali’Zorah nar Rayya from Rannoch?!?


Thank you Turbo_Skins!


haha some Mass Effect players here!
It is actually a short version of my real name ^^


Well, she was my choice for every game in trilogy. Good luck with us here, Tali!


Good Luck :slight_smile:

Always good to see more support :+1:


Thank you Brashen!


I can’t sell items because my acc is unconfirmed but I was able to sell a few months ago


Zach, please open a ticket so we can check it


What’s a ticket? Lol


A ticket is a message to support, so they can answer to this problem and track other users with the same problem for a faster solution


Hey everyone, I’ll be absent from the forums for a month or more, while I help on other things around the company. So make sure you only tag Dunn or private message him since I mostly won’t be around.


I hope everthing okay and if it is please enjoy your break. :heart:


hello! welcome

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