Hi, I'm new here

Hello game flip community,

My name is Justin. I saw some people talking about this site on Reddit so I thought I would give it a shot. I have been on other similar sites before, this one certainly looks promising though.

As for a little bit about me; I am a huge Nintendo nerd (but have other consoles as well). I have way too many games that I’ve collected over the years that I’ll hopefully get around to playing eventually. I also love to collect geeky things, subscription box items especially.

I hope to get to know the community a little bit and make some good transactions this site.

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Welcome, @Justin_Dawson! Thanks for being a part of the community and feel free to reach out with and questions you may have.

Welcome dude.
Forum Community is not THAT active, that we have to change:D, but the site+staff members are actually pretty awesome.
Hope you got a good time here and good luck hunting some jewels and “nerdy” stuff :smiley:

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