Hi Sparkling_juice.

Hi Sparkling_juice
Are you the New MOD?
didn’t see in this forum in 2018.
Your always active, keep up the good work.


Hello @Cedric_Martinez,

I don’t think that @Sparkling_Juice is a moderator. He is very helpful, like me :wink:

He’s knowledgeable! You can message him if you need the best advice for something.

I would love to introduce myself but this is now my 3rd reply,the previous 2 not having been approved, where I want to ask how I post a topic.


I’ve got the same issue as @Hazen_Danforth. I’m new here, would love to ask some questsions but can’t make a topic. How come?

You will require the badge, it does not take long, just look through some topics/replies. You can reply to topics but unable to post until you got the badge