How New Users can Create a New Topic on Forums

You will need the ‘Basic’ badge in order for new users to create a topic. Without the badge, you will not see the " + New Topic " - Badge Information
Just look through some topics and replies and you should be able to get the badge.

No ‘Basic’ badge Screen VVV

With ‘Basic’ badge Screen VVV


Thanks for the explanation. You can imagine how weird it is to come to a forum to ask for something… and there’s just no explanation given for why we can’t. Maybe put this into the FAQ as well :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very helping , i ve confused before


Yup, I can relate. I hope new users will be able to look at this topic to clear their doubts as I seem to see quite a few replies by new users on other topics asking about this. :slight_smile:

THanks a lot

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Haha, I was confused at first also. I was looking everywhere to see how to put up a new topic but then I see there was not any until I found this post.

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