Terrible Customer Service, new selling requirements, among other things

  1. The customer service from this company is ridiculous. No phone number to contact, response times are longer than the projected frame they give you and when you do get a response half the time it’s something that clearly was not read and just replied to with a script based on some keywords.

  2. The new selling requirements barred me from posting ads, nothing detailing this change was sent to me from what I can see nor do they even say how long your account has to have been active for to qualify for the “You have a long and successful track record of selling on Gameflip” option. When I first emailed about this problem I was sent an email back that only contained two of the four options, both of which are out of the question. Then they sent me another one with 4 of the options from a reply on a different ticket I had. That’s all they sent me, no explanation saying “hey we just updated the terms of service, that’s why this is suddenly happening to you lets fix this”. Because for all I knew someone disputed an item and now my account is suspended from selling or something, I had no clue what the problem was until I start digging around on the web for other people with the same issue, but of course thats after 2 weeks of losing business and customers. Be nice to get a response more than once per week.
    As for the track record, I’ve been on here for a few months and have a bunch of good reviews, the only bad ones are cancelled orders from buyers on the wrong console that are supposed to be removed. Regardless, when implementing a new rule like that don’t you think it would be minimal to give the exact specifications on the length of time in question?
    As for the paypal, that is also a stupid addition. But ok if you want me to pay 5 dollars into my gameflip account when I don’t even buy things on here well then fine I will. I go to do this and the site won’t even connect to the paypal login. I click the option that says “re-launch the window to complete purchase” and nothing happens. Tried it on another web browser, nothing happens. So when is that going to be fixed and why is something so essential broken in the first place?

  3. There needs to be an ACTUAL way for people to just cancel orders. I can’t count how many times a buyer has purchased something only for me to find out they bought for the wrong console. The only cancel option says my account will be suspended if used too much, and the buyers do not have a cancel at all. Until enough time passes that is, which results in me getting a bad rating for literally no reason other than the buyer making a mistake. You need to make it so buyers who buy for the wrong console or who otherwise cannot complete their side of the transaction can cancel their orders without consequence to the seller so sellers don’t constantly have to email you to get unfair bad ratings removed. Maybe you could actually get back to people faster if you made some common sense changes that stopped all these preventable emails. I shouldn’t have to constantly keep having my time wasted because people don’t know how to search for items properly. Punish them not the seller who has done nothing and now has to re-post their ads, look like they have bad ratings and top of it, wasting even more time going back and forth emailing you guys. Quite frankly it’d be really easy for buyers or rival sellers to troll people by buying things they have no intention of getting and calling it a mistake endlessly forcing the sellers to make up for the mistakes.

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You can add a credit/debit card, or submit ID documents to fulfill the sell requirement. Since you want to do the PayPal add funds method, have you tried whitelisting the website and allowing popups on your browser? If the website’s PayPal connect still doesn’t work you can try doing it on either the Android or iOS app. If you encounter an error please give a screenshot of it.

cancel orders

Feel free to cancel the order when the buyer request it (best if they requested it in the Gameflip exchange messages, so admins can see that and know it’s not your fault). In the cancellation reason you can write that it is the buyer’s fault.

I asked them several times what to do in the situation the buyer makes the mistake, every time they told me just to email them after i got the bad rating to have it removed. I questioned the logic behind this considering its an immense waste of time for both me and the people who have to read emails and got no response. Shortly after writing this forum post all my tickets were merged.
What a coincidence.
They then gave me another answer this morning (literally 5 minutes before the tickets were merged), which was to tell the buyer to dispute the purchase and they will look at it. I asked “wont so many disputes look bad on my account?”. Which will likely not be answered since my tickets were merged into one. Unfortunately before I wrote this one of my messages said to delete my account, because I was getting no help/explanations and was barred from selling making the account useless to me, so that went into effect this morning as well.
I was never informed of the new rules and that they applied to everyone (who would have even guessed that) despite the fact I’ve been asking whats going on for 2 weeks now. How hard is it to have a human response just explain what’s going on? When you get almost nothing but robotic responses, the first one didn’t even include all of the options then of course I’m going to be confused and frustrated. So then they of course get back to THAT message right away and delete my account even though everything else takes them a week to reply to. So guess I’m out of luck. The customer service from these people is atrocious. And for a company to not have a contact number is ridiculous. There is no way I’m linking even more of my personal info to people who don’t even have the decency to have a way to directly contact them. And everyone shouldn’t just be so eager to send in copies of your birth certificates etc. People have no concept of their own privacy anymore, which is pretty troubling.

As for paypal I tried different web browsers before my account was deleted and got the same result, at least one of them does not have ad-block. Regardless, if this is such a common and easily fixed issue why not just clearly state on the page you have to whitelist the site instead of giving me a pointless reload option that doesnt work? Why does every other site work perfectly fine with their paypal log ins even when I’m using ad-block?
For the final question, how long does your account have to active to qualify for that option of the 4? I’ve been on here for a few months will over 130 good reviews, so apparently thats not good enough for them, so what is exactly? That should have been stated right off the bat not left vague with hundreds of people questioning how long. Again, an ill thought out process.

PS: After they suspended the account they wrote “If you change your mind before all your data is removed, please contact us again to see if your account can be reactivated.”
I don’t see how that’s possible when i wait around a week per reply from them. Again vague timelines, which is usually a tell-tale sign people don’t know what they’re doing.

I’ve gotten better suggestions from just from one random person in the forum than I have in the weeks of emailing Gameflip, that should tell everyone something. At least I got a human response here, which you are lucky to get if you email them.

I did contact them right away about the account and having it un-deleted if they are actually going to help me solve the problem. So I would try your paypal suggestion on another browser but since my account is suspended I can’t experiment with that at the moment. I would bet money that I won’t get my account back and that they won’t even bother replying to me. The last bad reviews I got due to cancellations they emailed back and said they were removed, I go to check and they are still there. So if they can’t even get that right I doubt any effort is going to be put in to helping an even more complicated problem. This is one of many reasons why I got frustrated in the first place and told them to get rid of my account. Either way I did email them back saying to reverse it not long after they confirmed it was suspended, so we’ll see what happens. If anyone has answers to anything I’ve posted please do reply. Whether I get my account back or not does not stop me from wanting to fix shoddy business practices and the debates surrounding them.

customer service

Support isn’t actively trying to ignore you, it’s just that they’re overwhelmed with tickets and has to work through that queue. Big companies (not Gameflip) usually have a bot to prescreen phone callers before sending to a human, and live telephone calls can take much longer than crafting an email reply, meaning much fewer customers can be helped with one support agent. This forum is your closest avenue for one on one support, via private messaging the moderator.

I was never informed of the new rules

You should have received an error message popup linking to the new rules when trying to post a new listing. Maybe you encountered the older and more generic error message and didn’t try to post again.

birth certificates

The ID verification asks for your driver’s license, which contains a little bit more information than what you give to commerce websites, but it’s understandable you would prefer to keep your picture or birthdate to be private.

I’ve been on here for a few months

How many months, or days to be exact?

my account is suspended

If you know your invite code or profile ID then post it so a moderator can unsuspend it, in case that email takes longer.


I tried to connecting a new PayPal account to see if it works and I did encounter the popup blocked message, and a white window when I manually opened the window from Chrome’s blocker (top right of browser). I closed that popup and refreshed the Gameflip website and pressed the connect button again to see the popup load successfully this time, signed into PayPal and it did connect successfully, seeing that the button is now called “Login & authorize payment”. If the website still doesn’t work then you can try the Android or iOS app as I said.

Thank you for the quick response.

  1. I know they don’t set out to ignore me but that’s what ends up happening half the time. Like I said I’ve asked some pretty simple questions multiple times before and it took awhile just to get back a not so bright answer. If gameflip is so small they cant deal with having a phone line open, then thats fine. But that’s not a company anyone should trust copies of their ID to when we cant even directly talk to a human in the event something goes wrong. Making a new account for a forum most users have never been on is not the route most people want to go down. As well as the fact if they are not being helped by direct email the chances of a forum helping and having better response times is actually not an assumption most people would leap to.
  2. The thing is, when I asked them about this they sent me a copy of the new rules, but the first message only included 2 of the actual 4 options. No “hey this is just because of a policy change, this has happened to most users not just you”. Nothing like that, no human explanation, just a vague copy and paste. I still dont have an answer for how long your account had to have been active for to qualify for that one option. So how long exactly? Do you know?
  3. I’d love to tell you how long I’ve been on here but my account is not accessible at the moment so I don’t have that date. But definitely around 2 months with over 130 good reviews, same with the invite code I cant access the account to remember it. I know I’ve included it in past tickets if that helps.
  4. Thank you for the paypal advice, if I get my account back I will try that for sure.

So are any Mods actually going to read this? Anyone with some power going to help here? Time is of the essence according to them…


Sorry for the late answer. As you can see within this forum we have tons of requests and we try our best to answer them as fast as possible.

As @galacticarm mentioned me, I said that we were working to have the response time diminished and that will become true shortly, since we have new admins and their traning will be complete this week.

Regarding your issues.

You described many situations but you sent no proof/screenshots/ticket numbers about those whatsoever.

So, in order to help you further, can you please PM me and send me your tickets numbers so I can start to help you further?

Thank you.


This is great to hear and will take a massive amount of pressure off yourself and op_JOkEr :+1:

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That’s fine that you are understaffed, but don’t write that the wait time is going to be 2-4 days when it isn’t. That’s where the problem lies.
My tickets said they were merged and closed, and I replied to the email saying to unsuspend my account a mere couple hours after it was sent and still have had no answer what so ever. It’s been over a week just on that issue alone let alone the issues that made me delete the account in the first place. The fact that a random person on the forum has better customer service and suggestions isn’t a good sign. The only reason I’m even posting on here is because the letter sent to me said time is of the essence and that logic doesnt seem to apply to the people who answer these tickets.
And can I please get an answer to the question I’ve asked at least 5 times between forum and tickets?
What is the EXACT amount of time your account had to be active to qualify for not being barred from selling?
This information should have been printed very clearly beside the new rule, because all of this would have been avoided and a ton of people asking for clarification would not be wasting your time. But ok if you think me sending you closed ticket numbers is going to help then I will. Not to mention some of these tickets are so old its going to be extremely difficult to go through all my messages just to find the specific ones I was still having problems with, not to mention everything was merged and I don’t even think giving you every ticket number would even amount to anything as they were rendered inactive. But alright, you’ll get a PM from me.

90 days.

I meant in order to qualify for the “long and trusted member of gameflip” option for not being barred from selling. But thanks, I got the answer on that from a Mod.