How can i contact a seller on gameflip

Please how can i contact a seller on gameflip after the transaction is completed !

You can comment on his listings, but remember everyone can see your comment.

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Thank you so much for the input

Hello @LAMI_LLC , if your new and do not have 5 reviews, you cannot comment under people’s listing. If you do, like what peasy wrote, you can comment on their listing.

If you want to talk to the seller after transaction is completed, only if seller has messaged you before during the transaction and you have the gameflip app on mobile, you can go to your notifications and click on the “Name sent a message about the …”

After that, you will be able to see “Write message” at bottom even if your transaction has been completed. This was one thing I was confused when I joined Gameflip nearly 2 yrs ago. I was also confused why the seller/buyer could message me but I couldn’t message them back since transaction was completed. Only works on mobile on Gameflip app.

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Thanks a lot @Sparkling_Juice for the input i do appreciate that
wondering why gameflip didn’t give the option to contact sellers

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