How Can I have notifications

I want to have notifications on my phone without use the application . I try to change it un the settings but it doesn’t work so if YOU have an Idea SEND it.

The only way to have notification is to use Gameflip mobile app (iOS or Android). Otherwise, you just have to check your email frequently.

I’m on the mobile app but i don’t received notifications despite i have changed the notifications settings.

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Push notifications have never worked for me on the iOS app. So it’s not just you.

Maybe you can configure your email client to give you push notifications whenever you get email from Gameflip?

@NarvaloBelkasem Can you make sure you have notifications turned on in your iOS settings? If they’re off you won’t get notifications even if you have them turned on in the Gameflip app. Thanks!

NarvaloBelkasem uses Android, but it’s the same - you need to check that you did not previously disable it.

@retro_dream - For iOS, go to Settings > Notifications and look for Gameflip. The “Allow Notifications” must be turned on to receive notification. The app itself does not know if it’s been previously disabled.

Long delay in reply from me here, but I completely uninstalled and then reinstalled Gameflip on iOS. This fixed my problem and now Gameflip shows up in the notifications menu under settings.