Not getting notifications

So I haven’t been getting notifications on my Android phone. Yesterday I would get a ding for comments, messages, sales, everything. But today nothing. Has anyone had this issue? I’ve tried reinstalling the app, checked the settings, restarted my phone, factory reset my phone. I’ve been on gameflip almost a year with no issues.
Google didn’t help…not sure what to do

Seen a lot of posts about this and they haven’t acknowledged it yet. I use the app via android tablet and my notifications still work so not sure.

It’s so strange, tried from my wife’s phone and she gets notifications so something in the settings must have changed but I can’t figure out what😭

Ugh that sucks wish I knew maybe @MajorTom can help

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Hello Maddie_Davis,

Can you PM me your profile code, so I can further check this for you?

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