How can this be so dysfunctional

I lost the password to my account. So I went through the process to get a new one about a dozen times and never got a single email or text. Then I ended up as gameflip.zendesk,com where I was able to create a new password, but it only works there and not at This has been frustrating beyond belief, and of course you cannot contact gameflip for help. I have never seen a real company act that way. I can’t even use the form to ask a question because it wants my code, which is onlyl available after I have logged in. Brilliant!

I like this place, but it is not worth the hassle. So gameflip how about sending a new temporary password to the email or text for AmericanZombie.

And I apologize for being so nasty about this, but I have spent three hours on what should have taken 5 minutes, and I am in the same spot where I began.

Have you tried to user a fictional invite code to open a a ticket?

It will work in this case I think. Please do so and contact the support team to get further help.

Thank you.

What is the difference between and This is all very confusing. I don’t even know the email address used to create this ages ago.

This is getting dumber and dumber. How hard could it be to do what was supposed to be an automated process anyway? This is by far the worst customer service/technical support I have seen in my life. Just give me a temporary password. AmericanZombie, 206-418-9500.

I have purchased items and cannot give feedback. You are hurting more people than just me. Or here is an idea. Why don’t you just make your password reset work? It says to put in your user name, and you will email or text a temporary password, BUT IT DOES NOT WORK.

And yes, I opened a ticket, and it seems to have gone into a black hole.

Hey. is our Marketplace and is our support site to our marketplace.

As said to you and what you also did is that you needed to open a ticket. Now, send me via PM your ticket number so I can personally check it for you.

Please remember, new tickets can take up to 3-4 business days to get answered (they are being answer faster tough). And open tickets may get an answer within 1 week.

Thank you.