How do I get my gameflip account Un suspended?

I dont know how i got my suspension and i have emailed gameflip twice now and they havent replied… how do i get my account un suspended

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Search on your registered e-mail for an e-mail that they sent you explaining the reason why you were supended and the time when your suspension will be lifted.

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It does not certify the time or anything and when do i get un banned?

Then you probably got your initial post wrong and you haven’t been suspended, but rather banned.
Ban is permanent, while suspension is temporary (granted in a few places there can be a so called “permanent suspension”, which is not really technical).
Wish you all the luck in the World and may your acts be straightened and become just from now on.
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they are also suspended my account wrongly (((
im waiting reply from support team , they not fast

On the email it says suspension but on the website it says banned ?? Can u unban me?

Submit a ticket here

When u submit a ticket they dont reply

the support here is a big waste of time makes the site look sleasy . i had no problems here before this btw someone was telling me about G2A google it

G2A is before i sold at g2a they are not fast as gameflip