Suspended account 4 times...Unspended 2times...???

My account got suspended, more than 1500$ in the account!! i hope anyone from the mods to give a further explanation about my suspension
Invite Code:LF3RRZ
2018.11.2,You sent me 2 emails and told me to suspend my account.
then,on the same day,You sent me 2 emails,tell me that my Gameflip account is no longer suspended.
And Last,You sent me 2 emails and told me to suspend my account agagin…???
It all happened at the same time on the same day…Jesus!
So, what is going on?
If I make a mistake, I can correct it.
I hope that you can lift the suspension as soon as possible and resume my market.There is no any problem with the goods I sell, I have more than 1500$ in the account!!!

I am very sorry for you. Please clarify - why only now you write about this problem, if it is almost 2018.11.13

why only now you write about this problem???why???
Because I waited 10 days in the damn help center.
Not any reply…
Then a friend told me that I can submit my question here.
I didn’t know that I could ask for help in the forum before

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Let’s hope that here on the forum your problem will be solved positively.



Our team is already investigating your account and we will answer your ticket back by the end of the day.

My problem has been solved~!
Thank you everyone!Happy Thanksgiving in advance!



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