How to supply digital vault with the key through GFAPI

I am trying to make this request in order to create a listing to gameflip

 const query = {
        name: gamerecord.title,
        description: "",
        price: 10000, // price in cents
        tags: [
            "type:Digital Key",
            "Name:" + gamerecord.title,
        platform: GfApi.PLATFORM.STEAM,
        shipping_within_days: GfApi.SHIPPING_WITHIN_DAYS.AUTO,
        expire_in_days: GfApi.EXPIRE_IN_DAYS.THIRTY,
        accept_currency: GfApi.ACCEPT_CURRENCY.USD,   // Uncomment this if you want to accept FLP instead of USD
        category: GfApi.CATEGORY.GAMES,
        digital: true,
        digital_deliverable: 'code',
        digital_region: gamerecord['region'],
        shipping_predefined_package: 'None',
        shipping_fee: 0,
        shipping_paid_by: 'seller',

    const listing = await gfapi.listing_post(query);

but I am getting the error response
(node:18806) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: UnprocessableEntityError: Must supply code in digital vault
This means that I must supply the query with the steam key corresponding to this listing but I can not find a field in the API documentation that indicates the digital_key or something like that

Can anyone help me on this?

I’m also wondering how to do this too

From when are you investigating this?

anyone know something about this?