"code for digital goods already exists"

I am getting this error message when trying to list a steam game key for auto delivery.
The games in question were listed (by me) as a bundle, but I decided to sell them individualy instead.
The original bundle listing was deleted, never expired and is no longer in my drafts, so I cant see why the keys would still be in the vault.
I tried to contact support but there was no reply.
Im wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

As a workaround you can append a period “.” to the end of your code:


The buyer will see exactly that, so if they happen to use that code verbatim, tell them to exclude the period.

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I see. So if I was to put, say, “Your Key - ABC123-ABC123-ABC123”, this is exactly what the buyer would see?
Cool, I will try that, thank you galacticarm