CANNOT attach code to SALE! NEED HELP!

Okay this is getting quite ridiculous now. It wont allow me to add my code because I reposted one of my ads. I would get a error message saying:code for digital goods already exist.

So I set that I would deliver the code within one day and now when I try to deliver the code, I get the same message!! What is going on, how do I get the code to the buyer but also have the money sent to my account. Can someone please help me?

Why are you trying list the same code twice?

Sorry to be so direct sir, but based on your recent questions submitted in the forum, I’d recommend you to read the articles on our Help Center. It might help you understand better how Gameflip works.

Trust me, you will learn more and faster by reading the Help Center articles. The forum is good for complex situations beyond the basics of our marketplace:

Here’s a link to our Help Center


I have read the forums your help center over and over again. Let me clear this for you…

I made two posts for two itune cards that I am selling. I wanted to readjust the prices on them so I canceled them. As soon as I did that and tried to enter the code to be automatically delievered… I would get that error code that I mentioned.

Fast forward to now. I have sold one of the cards and when I try to deliever the code to the buyer, I get the same message. I had to comment the code, can the buyer run off with my code now? if so can you cancel the trade between and help me get this sorted out…

Type or paste the code with spaces or something different and share the info with the buyer