code for digital goods already exists

Hi, I had to cancel my sold listings because the auto delivery method didn’t work. I put up new listings with manual delivery. they got sold, but when I try to send the code I get an error message saying the code for digital goods already exists.

Any ideas why this happens? These are unused codes as far as I know, since I bought them on amazon and no one else has access to them.

Hey! This is bacause this code was already listed within our marketplace.

Probably you listed the code, the listing expired and inested of relisting the expired listing you deleted that and created a new listing so your item could be within the first page. This won’t work.

When manually sending the code, you may send the code as a comment to the buyer so they can see it.


Similar situation here. So if I send the code as a comment to the buyer, does it automatically say shipped to buyer? Because I am at the stage where buyer has bought my gift card and I need to send the code. So my question is if I send the code through comments and then buyer redeems it, will it pass the stage where you ship the item?

When you send the code to the @Sean_Hong, please mark the item as shipped.

Thank you.

What if I sent the code through the comment section instead of the code section? how can I mark the item as shipped? Does that mean the buyer got my code for free now?


Hey, if the code is stated as duplicated you will only be able to send the code via the comments as you said.

You will mark the item as shipped AFTER you send the code so the buyer can see it and he has 3 days to inspect it and rate you.


I got same problem,I saw there is “EXPIRED” written on my item which wasnt sold yet so i thought i should lower price a bit and renew my post and i deleted listing and tried to make new and it gave me this error,Now what do i do???