My listing got sold, didnt auto deliver. No response from support and I got negative feedback

My listing got sold three days ago, it was set to auto delivery with the correct key. When it got sold it didnt deliver the key automatically, but I was told to ship it manually. I tried to send the key code manually but I got an error because the code already existed.

The buyer was very impatient and wanted me to send it through email or facebook, but of course I said no, because I dont want to get scammed.

I instantly tried to contact support but there has been no response after three days, and now the buyer cancelled the transaction and gave me negative feedback.

This is pretty frustrating when it is completely out of my control and not a single word from Gameflip support.

Did anyone else experience anything similar?

It’s a bug I experienced too, to make sure your code is going to auto deliver, go to edit option and make sure your code is stored in auto deliver option, if not just add a word behind your code like CODE: XXXXXXXX it will work then

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