BUG: GameFlip "storage" for AutoDelivery, notifications & other

Hello there,

Recently experienced quite problems with GameFlip platform. As an longtime seller never experinced something simillar here. For past couple days there looks like to be an problem with the “storage” of GameFlip Auto Delivery. And this is for PC version of the site - when you try to list/create draft for something and add the key, “Done” button first shown grey and cant be clicked, but if you try to click and re-add the key its already orange.

BUT - if listing get buyed key are not Auto Delivered, but require the seller to ADD it manualy (like its 1-3 days delivery, but listing is visual and added for Auto Delivery). Also - on that type of listing there are NO NOTIFICATION where its purchased.
Only way to notice if buyer takes it its by opening the menu for “Sold” units/products.

Other issue I got was with “Lightning listings”. When you try to create that type of listing in past couple day on PC - they are either not having their picture AND not contain ANY CODES and cannot be listed properly.

I will appreciate if “@op_JOkEr” or anyone from GameFlip team can explain the followed issues with their platform and why is this happening. Thanks!

P.S. Also noticed absolute no respond on ‘‘tickets’’ that used to be answered for maximum ~3 days. Got ~7 day ticket still unanswered.

Hi @S.n.t thanks for reporting the problem.

Our team will try to reproduce the problem and get in contact with you here soon.

As for the tickets, we’re aware of delays and we’re currently looking into expanding the team and improving some processes to make sure we can afford growth. We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience. We’ll do our best to reply to all incoming tickets as soon as possible.

Hey @S.n.t, I just sent you a PM so we can get more information from you regarding this issue.

Thank you!

Hey again,

Thanks to @op_JOkEr and @DunnBiscuit for those quick responds!

@DunnBiscuit just checked my inbox here and there is nothing received (like message or so)? Are you sure that you PM’d me.


Hey @S.n.t !

I just sent you another PM, can you please check and see if you received it?

Thank you!

same issue here, I’ve listed xbox live codes but when I go to the edit item option the automatic delivery part is empty, the other issue is when someone buys the code and I try to send them the code I get dupplicate code error.

@milad_samie its look like this is mass issue with the web (PC) version of GameFlip. And become real pain to be unable to create an listing!

Which basically costs sellers time & money.

Still awaiting any update on this issue from the department that is responsible for that part of the site.

Hey guys, I’m investigating this “issue” as @S.n.t knows.

This usually happens when you are trying to list a duplicate code, please, double check if you haven’t listed the code before.

Also it can be a duplicated because someone else had access to the code. I’d reccomend you checking the source of the code in this case.

Thank you.

In fact I have listed the codes before but I want to list them again and take the old ones off so after 3,4 days new people can see the item. with this issue I lost the track of the ones I’ve sold. at least can you guys make it that even after the transaction is complete the code is still shown to the seller? This will help with selling a code twice by accident

Hey @milad_samie,

This is a great suggestion. I’ll pass along to the team, I’ll try to have this available soon.

Also, this is not an issue. We have this limitation so we can avoid scams, and diminish code disputes. It is better for everybody.

You may apply to be a featured store. This will highlight your store within the Marketplace.

I have the same problems as OP,but in last 7-8 days i have even bigger one:Security Code doesn’t arrive,so i’m unable to even login.I sent them message and they responded with same generic answer “We apologize for the delay in the response to your issue. We have received a large influx of ticket volume and are working to resolve all of the tickets we have received” and so on. It seems to me that this person did not even read the message.Why i think this?Because i had same problem some time ago,and problem was solved in no time. So people,be serious a little. At least solve that “Security Code doesn’t arrive” problem?Please?

Hey @KeyLover can you send me your invite code so I can check your request?


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Experiencing same problem how to give him code? please tell me because when i enter it says already on list but it is not

You may send it via the sale comments.

But as said, if you received this message, the code was indeed listed before.

Please, don’t delete listings in order to create a new one so the listing can get the front page of the Martkeplace.

It won’t work anymore.


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