issue with scrolling @ items and stopping

Hello, so ive had this problem now for at least 2 weeks and havent mentioned it yet.
SO when i go to any category such as games, or all and i start scrolling down and looking for stuff to buy After a while ( maybe after 25-75 items) down the list the screen just stops and wont let me go down any further. It makes it seem like there is no more items listed but i know for sure under the ALL category theres tons of items listed but yet i cant see them all anymore. Is that a bug? because it feels really limited now when im scrolling and i cant see ALL the products listed. I am not sure if you understand me fully or not but yeah.
any questions just let me know and contact me, Thanks.

Hey @Vincents_Gaming are you on iOS or Android?

I am using an android device.

If you haven’t done so already, please sent us a ticket through the app and we can gather some more information to see what’s going on!

im not sure i have yet. i dont remember i sent in like 2-3 tickets in the last week alone lol.
but i will try and get some pics for you guys of me hitting a brick wall basically where i cant scroll down then snapshot it and send it in with the ticket.
also when i send in a ticket how do you guys get more information from that? is something else sent with it that only you guys see?

We do get basic device information like OS version and Gameflip account information that may help us out, especially when it come to bug reports.

ahh ok well when i get the chance and find out the other bug i wanted to address ill get back to you on that.
Hey you guys never got the chance to comment on my other post where i had a question i was curious about. give me a min and ill send a link.

heres the link i was mentioning. i just wanted to see if you ever saw that post.

I actually did read that thread but I think had to go to a meeting and never got a chance to respond. Sorry about that! Anyways, yeah that’s fine if you go ahead and post your page in the forums. Just try not to be spammy :wink:

As for a sponsored partnership there may be other ways that we can work with you (Featured Store, etc.), but ultimately I have to provide to the rest of the team answers of “how will this bring traffic to Gameflip”. I don’t know if you have a YouTube or Twitch channel, but that’s something in which would be a good cross promotion type of partnership.

Ahh that sucks but i understand that i’m very forgetful too so i would have forgot after the meeting.
And of course i wouldn’t be spammy. I only wanted to have 1 post so all the gameflip community can see my topic and enter for chances to win free games and accessories ( kind of runs along with your promotions so more things to win for free for the community.)

I will be posting it shortly.

And yes i do have a youtube channel. I have tried promoting Gameflip before but as soon as i do become a featured seller i will def be promoting Gameflip again. I want to do a channel with purchases i got from gameflip and other apps and how much savings i got anyways. SO I will definetly be adding more content with Gameflip In it.
And yeah well ill try my best to bring in more traffic and with me being a featured store youll be bringing in more traffic for me. :)grinning: