Processing issue?

Anyone else having this issue, I purchased an item and when I click “purchases” to see how it’s going all it says in Orange is “processing”. It’s been like that since the 4th of this month. There’s no option to message the buyer either. Then today I sold an item and instead of getting an email and a notification saying a buyer has purchased your item, create shipping label now all it says in Orange again is “processing” with no option to message again. Not really sure if anyone else is having this problem

I had a similar issue over the weekend during one of the flash sales. I purchased an item and while most times I get an e-mail right away confirming my purchase right away I did not. I forced closed the app a couple times and nothing worked. Finally about 4 hours later I received a confirmation e-mail but the purchase still was listed as processing until I uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

I’m hoping it was just latency due to heavy server usage but the problem did not start until aproxmiately this weekend for me. Before that things seemed to process almost instantly. I have been similar issues with not receiving push notifications. I either receive many of them late, or some of them not at all.

I didn’t even consider that it could have been server issues due to heavy usage. I’ve yet to buy or sell anything since though. Hopefully if I see something I like I can test the theory if I make the purchase outside of a flash sale. Will keep posted when/if it happens

Oh it gets better. I was just notified by a buyer we mailed him his purchase twice because we were emailed 2 labels with 2 different tracking numbers. Naturally we processed them accordingly only to find out Gameflip sent us 2 labels for the same order yet we were only paid once because only one order was placed.

Had the buyer not had the integrity to tell us we never would have known… If anyone is wondering, yes the labels were generated by GameFlip’s built in shipping. They were not created by us and I’m beginning to get tired of this garbage.

30 days and a circus to process aa $15 refund by asking me to resell a defective item back to the original seller. Then i was told to sell it to an affiliate store that strangely has the same address and suite number as Gameflip’s home office. FAQ stated I would get a prepaid return label but I paid out of pocket. No refund was ever processed, I was paid for the resale. Good enough, because after 30 days I really didn’t care anymore…

If inflating sales numbers rather than processing returns is how business is done on this marketplace, I feel that something funny may be going on behind the scenes. Perhaps the balance sheet is looking a bit grim to investors?

Sending me two labels for one order? One can only guess what the crazy excuse for that will be but I’ve about had it. Maybe spending less money on user acquisition and more on qualified coding staff would be in everyone’s best interest.

I’m growing tired of a beta test masquerading as a polished product and I doubt I’m the only one who is frustrated. We’ve purposely withheld inventory listings waiting for these issues to be resolved but they keep getting worse. Our entire store inventory was wiped out for a whole week or more and we were left to clean it up, not GameFlip.

Why add inventory to a storefront who’s total inventory was deleted on accident with no ETA on a fix. I spent hours of work to fix by hand and notified other stores before GameFlip. I though that’s what my 10% fees were for, but alas they were not. I though built in shipping was convenient, but I was mistaken…

GameFlip as a concept? All for it!

Great idea? Absolutely!

Proof of concept? I would highly agree based on sales!

Great execution? Not even close…

Back to creating yet another support case? (Facepalm)

Will I still give this place yet another try? Meh, maybe…

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Hi! Processing might take longer than just a few minutes due to an issue with the Buyer’s bank or credit card processing it. An order might also be held for a bit longer because the transaction might be deemed suspicious and we are looking into it before it can be approved and continue onto the next stage of the transaction.

@Cts_GameFlip have you written in a ticket about receiving two shipping labels for the same item? We can quickly look into your account as well as the automatic emails Gameflip sends out and determine whether this is a bug or not. This is the first time we’ve heard of this issue, so we’d be more than happy to look into it.

We’re working on the other issues you’ve brought up, sorry for the wait and we appreciate your patience :ok_woman:

You just #shrekt Gameflip

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