First time buyer, bad experience...

Hi. So I guess you can say my first time buying experience hasn’t gone so well and I’m wondering what happens next. I purchased a game on the 26th and according to the tracking the guy didn’t mail it until the 29th. He then proceeds to send me a message 6 days ago about (Feb 3rd or 4th) (which came across as pretty rude and demanding) asking me to leave him feedback because he claimed he mailed it out on the day I paid for it. I pointed out that the tracking said he had posted it on the 29th and that I hadn’t received it yet. He then proceeded to question me about my mailing address because I guess it’s not like an average address. I had to explain to him that that was where my house is and that was why my address read the way it did. Considering I’ve already put money out for the game, I didn’t appreciate being made to feel like a swindler. The next day I contacted the post office 800 number and explained to the lady what was going on. Since it was five days outside of the mailing/expected delivery date she said they will do an investigation and gave me a case number. I’m supposed to call tomorrow to find out what the results of that investigation are. I’m actually very concerned that it was stolen from the mail because it disappeared from being tracked when it was in Orlando. If they cannot find it, do I get my money back? How do I deal with this seller? Honestly, I’m not too sure I want to make another purchase from this app again… =(

Ive only made one buy but it was a good experiance ive sold multiple items though, great site. Keep it open so you can see tracking. Dont ever finish the transaction before getting the item and try to always do something with shipping cause the system does a automatic shiplabel. So you can track, depending on wear you are possible its just not able to leave the post office or dc.

@ElvenTea I’m sorry to hear about this experience you had. If you haven’t done so already, please contact us through the app at Help > Contact Support and we can get more information and assist you with this. As a side note, if a Seller ask you to rate before you actually have received the item, contact us immediately since this is a high sign for fraud. And please do not ever rate the seller until you have received the item no matter what they say.

Thank you BurTheFly, I’ll send an updated follow up through the app.