Customer provide wrong shipping address. I have done everything I can and more than what most sellers would do.

Okay, so I did everything I possibly could to help my customer. I finally was able to put in a redirect to their new address. I told the customer this, but to redirect a $13.50 fee plus additional $7 reshipping fee for a total of $22 is what it would cost. I informed customer about this option and that I believed it to be our best option. I know fullfilled my part as a seller and followed your rules and regulations. Despite this I felt bad for the guy. I made the offer to take a $11 loss on the game if he was willing to pay$11 toward the $22 USPS fee. He agreed so didn’t know anyway to charge him for this through your site (I was going to have you guys help me out with that later) Since the customer agreed I just paid the $22 and hoped he would pay back later.I fulfilled my part as a seller via Gameflips rules and regulations. I shipped to the exact address I was provided. This was the customers mistake. I went above what most sellers would have done and wasted 5 or 6 hours trying to help him get his game. Unfortunately USPS was not able to intercept the package on time and it arrived at The original address the buyer provided. There is nothing else I can do. I did my part. I probably will not be getting the game shipped back because lets face it people aren’t honest and whoever live at this guys old address isn’t going to be returningmy game. Gameflips customer service has been days behind so I am hoping some feedback on this. I know even ebay sides wwith the seller’s when a buyer is clearly the one to make the error. If the game is returned I will ship it that very same day to my customers new address. Iknow that the customer will not be happy losing his money, but I should not be the one who is punished and don’t believe I deserve a bad review should he decide to give me one. If he does am I able to remove it?


I briefly remember your case, do you mind, if possible to inform me via PM your invite code and the listing info?

I’ll carefully evaluate all the circumstances and give you an answer as soon as I can.


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