Terrible shipping by USPS!!

So apparently usps is a load of crap. I haven’t been waiting an extremely long time, but it’s been shipping for 7 or 8 days now and I have a feeling it will be much longer. I’ve been have troubles with the tracking system mostly. I’ve ordered multiple items off here and each time the tracking didn’t work at all the first day or 2. Then when it is tracking it is HORRIBLY inaccurate. It would say my item arrived at usps at 630 am. But when I’d check later the time would change. My item said it arrived in Sacramento at 6 am, then later when I checked it said it arrived at the same place but at 8 pm. Like for real? That’s over a 12 hour difference. Where was my package really at then??? And it has done this same exact thing when I track it at every location!! It would arrive at 7 am then I would get another notification that it arrived at the same place hours later. Same with departing. Sooo I take to Google and try and find some info on this and what I find is much worse. I read probably over 50 reviews from THIS MONTH alone that people were not receiving packages and how terrible basically everything about this company is. 1.2 stars out of 5 on consumer affairs. Soo now here’s the main reason I posted this on gameflip forums, I haven’t sold anything personally yet but when u guys have us print the shipping labels it will from usps and I personally don’t want to have anything to do with them at the moment from what I was reading. Maybe u guys at gameflip should look into maybe using ups or fedex instead? Ill leave a link at the bottom if just some of the reviews of this company I found. Thanks for being awesome gameflip!! I think if u take the time to do some research u will realize that this is a real problem. Thank u for your time and I apologize for the rant. :smile: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/delivery/us_postal_service.htm

Sure enough it was expected at my house today when I tracked it this morning, it even said it left my local post office to be delivered. Finally it said that 10 35 am it was shipped BACK TO THE SELLER because it could not be delivered as adressed. Wow is all I really have to say for the moment. Turns out I was right and that I would not be seeing my package anytime soon. I’m just gonna camel and go to my local game store cause this is not worth it.