Shipping?? Selling?

I really want to try selling games with this app but I feel like they didn’t do a very good job describing how. I don’t sell anything on the Internet ever so I have no idea. Is it like ebay? Do I just get boxes and ship it from my house? If I have to pay for the packaging no matter what then why is it even an option to have the buyer pay for shipping? Is it cause they give u extra money to compensate for what u spent on shipping the item yourself? And if that’s the case, do u get the money for shipping right after they buy? Cause if I ship it out and they cancel I’m out of luck or what??? I just feel like there isn’t enough legitimacy in the app to trust it. If I sell anything I’m probably not gonna take cash out cause I’ll end up buying more games (like a lot of people do I assume) soo I’ll just have all this virtual money on this app that I got for trading my real games I paid real money for. What if something happens to my “cash” on the app?? I’ve read a lot on the form and a lot of it is people not getting their money for sold items and that gameflip responds but doesn’t really take action. Plus what if it just disappears one day after I update the app or something like that? Will u be able to tell me where my money went and get it back for me?? Plus if they ever close the app down what happens then? I really really like the idea of this app cause I really really dislike gamestop and I love retro games, but I just feel like there are too many unanswered questions. Plus gamestop might rip me off, but I’ve always gotten the money I was promised lol sorry I’m a noob and thank you for your time. :smile:

@CrasiGuy Thanks for bringing up your concerns and I hope to be able to address them for you. I do agree with you that the app doesn’t do the best when it comes to educating sellers on how to go about completing a sale. We are currently in talks with how we can go about making this a better experience when someone is first selling a game on Gameflip.

However, in the meantime. We do not provide any shipping materials outside of the shipping label (if this is the option that you choose). When you have the Buyer pay for shipping, you listing that is purchased will be provided with the shipping label to download and print out from this money. This way you don’t have to worry about purchasing a shipping label.

As for the whole payment process. As soon as the Buyer makes the purchase. We take the money out of their account and put it into an escrow. Once you ship out the item and the Buyer receives it and you both rate each other. Then the money will be released into your account. This is for both the Seller and Buyers protection. Also after you ship out the item the Buyer cannot cancel the order.

For you money or cash balance. We partnered up with the company Stripe which is a very well known and trusted company who deals with all of our payment methods and cash balance. Ultimately on the back-end, your money is protected by them. So if anything did happen in the app or on the front-end, the money and records or your money will all still be there. As far as other users “not getting their money”, there are many different situations that can occur. But we’ve always assisted users into resolving these issues and never had anyone not get their money that was owed to them. The forums are always a good place to come hangout and ask questions, but with issues like these, we like to deal with them through Support.

With any new company, there will always be questions and concerns, but we are always here to help you out! Please feel free to reach out if you have anymore questions, as well as head over to our FAQs & Guidelines to learn more about our processes and policies.

Also, welcome to the Gameflip community! :smile:

Hi, I have a question if you are a seller and has free shipping is the seller going to ship it from his house? or the gameflip will provided that?

Because i resently bought an item from the seller and his new (so am i) and he does not know how to ship the item.

@Chuwder_Snitch If a listing has “Free Shipping” this is an indication that the Seller has chosen the “I’ll ship myself” and will have to create the shipping label themselves. The only shipping label that is provided by Gameflip as of right now, is if the listing indicated that there’s the $3 Shipping tied to it. Please also note that the Gameflip shipping will only support items that weigh 0.5lbs or less.