Just curious about the selling proccess.

When a buyer buys a game through gameflip, does the Seller get the money right away or when they ship it? When I sell a game how much percentage does gameflip take?

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When a buyer purchases an item, Gameflip acts as an escrow service and holds the seller’s payment until a transaction is approved buy the buyer. A buyer must receive the item and is given a maximum of 72 hours to inspect it before rating a seller. As soon as a buyer rates a transaction as acceptable, funds are released to the seller.

If a buyer does not rate a seller within 72 hours of delivery a transaction is considered to have been acceptable. The seller’s payment is released automatically in event a transaction goes unrated within the allotted time.

Gameflip levies a flat rate 10% fee on all transactions (not including the shipping cost). There are no other costs, fees, or other pricing schedules. No matter what the item or its sale price, the fee is always a flat rate 10%.

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@Wes221ad yup, exactly as @Cts_GameFlip described it! The Buyer will pay when they receive the item and rate the Seller. The Seller will receive their payment when they rate the Buyer and the transaction is complete.

There is a rare case where the Buyer receives the item and forgets to rate the Seller. If the Seller used our provided Gameflip Shipping, or inputs their own tracking code if they use Seller Shipping, then the Buyer’s account will auto-rate the Seller as “Good” 3 days after delivery. The Seller will have to revisit the listing after these 3 days for the auto-rating to go through so they can rate the Buyer and therefore complete the transaction and receive their money.

Hope this clears things up! For further information, please feel free to visit our FAQ and Gameflip Guidelines.