What protection is there for the seller?

Before I sell my first I was just curious what protection there was for the seller. What would happen if the buyer received the item and they vandalized it (scratched it, stole an item, made it unusable).

Hey @Orangutang! We have set out to create Gameflip as fair as possible for both the Buyer and Seller. As soon as the Buyer purchases your listing, we hold that money into an escrow until the item has been received by the Buyer and rates you. If the Buyer doesn’t rate you within 3 days, then the transaction gets automatically rated and completed to have the funds released into your account. As far as the Buyer vandalizing it, I don’t see the value in them doing so since if they damage the item, it’ll be useless to them and we’ve already taken out the money from their account.

But ultimately if there is ever an issue with the product and/or transactions, please contact us so we can help mediate the situation and do the appropriate research into where he issue lies and who’s at fault. We are not like some other marketplaces where they just automatically side with the Buyer 99% of the time :wink: