The complete guide to avoid getting scammed as seller/buyer

-First, before i start i wanted to clear out that im not a moderator or a gameflip customer support im just a user that willing to share his experiences to help other users:
1-For buyers, Don’t ever rate the seller unless you completly checked the bought item accurately and for multiply codes check that every code is working
2-For sellers, when you are doing your trade with the buyer take as many screenshots as you can to prove that you successfully delivered the item so if the buyer denied receiving the item don’t Rate him with bad review because that will make gameflip close the transaction and you will lose your item/money, instead you SHOULD do a dispute. make sure to describe the situation accurately and send the screenshots you took without cropping them. its also preferred that the screenshots show the message history between you and buyer and the time of taking the screenshot.
3-As a buyer, if you didn’t receive the described item from the seller and he confirmed the trade try to message him first if it didn’t solve it then do a dispute before the 3 days timer run out because if it ran out the order will be closed and you will lose your money so follow the dispute instructions that i mentioned in point no. (2)
PS: From what i know, gameflip acts as a middleman between the buyer&seller and vv so when a buyer do an order the money get locked by gameflip and only get sent if the 2 sides confirmed the trade and rated each other and when that happens gameflip job is done and they can’t help you any further if you got scammed because they don’t have the buyer money anymore so be aware and patient when dealing with any buying/order and always take screenshots and finally goodluck wjth your trades and sorry for my bad english😅

Also i wanted to point put that i got scammed as a buyer once where the seller didn’t give me anything but he confirmed the order on gameflip so what i did was try to message it didnt work, so i took full screenshots from our conversation and opened a dispute and sent it to gameflip ip explaining the whole situation. After less than 24 hour they cancelled the order and refunded me my money
#Moral of the story: try to help them by knowing the rules and everything so they can help you :wink: