Before you make your purchase


Hey guys quick tip for some of you who buy 1st then ask questions/ cancel later.

I see this alot in all 3 of my stores i run online ( Gameflip, ebay, Mercari.)
1 item that i sell is REPLACEMENT cases & manuals for games. and the thing that annoys me the most is when people buy the listing and then seconds or minutes later they send a message and say oh this doesnt have the game? Id like to cancel my order.
that leaves to a long process of cancelling and waiting and relisting etc.

BEFORE you purchase ANY item on GAMEFLIP or any other platform PLEASE PLEASE read the Title AND description.
make sure you know what you are buying/ what comes with your purchase, and the price is right for what your receiving.
dont jump the gun and see a low price for the case thinking its the game and then want to cancel right after. remember thats now YOUR money locked up until the order is cancelled.

I know most people read the description but you’d be surprised by how many cancels i get.
theres plenty of people who dont read the description and title and jump the gun. please dont jump the gun.

REMEMBER if you have ANY questions about an item always comment and ask the seller and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

thanks keep on buying!


I really know what you mean. Its ok if people buy+ cancel directly (while processing). And since I am (and i think you too) are very customer friendly shops we just cancel it if wished. But I mean, if you press buy the buyer has to fulfill his dutys and is bound on that “buying contract”. Most people forget that and think its their right to cancel after buying.

It is just annoying and stealing time^^ On top of that normally the cancel option is only for the seller to cancel if the item is broke or missing or something and whats also critical is the option to still rate the seller bad afterwards.

Thats why I also want to Remember any possible buyer to read BEFORE buying to prevent issues.


This 8s exactly why I made this information on Gameflip so they know. Honestly I use a few apps and this still happens to me today. Buyers see a pic and see a great price and OMG I have to buy it now and I’ll read the description after I buy it… they buy it and 1-10 minutes later or a few hours later after I message them they go Oh I made a mistake please cancel my order. It’s annoying.
And then I get buyers who do that and they are new and ask me to cancel for them I just ignore them they didn’t pay attention nor read what they are supposed to and expect me to do all the work. No thank you. ( another app I use)
Now for gameflip. I still think it’s sucks that they can rate you bad if we have to cancel the transaction. Especially if it’s we found the item to be faulty after purchase ( testing it before shipping to customer ) they should be happy we stopped an issue before happening. But yeah it’s just hectic lol


Worst case: Customer" Yeah sorry i didnt read anything, cancel please" You “Yes sure, I will” *You cancel" CUstomer “Yeah I think im gonna give a bad rating”.

And that really happened to me in one case…


thats one thing i dont like. but luckily if that does happen you can talk to gameflip support. i dont know about any other apps but my personal experience with gameflip for help has been great.