Dear buyers please don't forget to confirm your orders on gameflip

i know that you have 3 days to confirm and you should take your time but since you received the item/game and said that it worked and everything is alright please confirm the order on gameflip because buyer may need that money ASAP


I can add? Another request to buyers, if you bought items and this requires manual delivery, then pick up the items immediately. There is no need to leave it for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, etc. I had a customer who chose items for a long time, bought and then sent me a message that he was tired and went to bed and would pick up the items tomorrow, that he was taking his grandmother to the hospital, that he was now launching fireworks with children, that he had a funeral right now and he was not can take items … Everything would be fine if he did not become indignant that he cannot pick up items because I am not online. I asked him several times to pick up items at once, but he often ignored the request. In the end I had to block it. Salespeople are people too and sometimes they need to sleep and they also have other things to do and problems. Be kind to each other. Thank!