New to GameFlip and had some questions


Just signed up today and had a few questions.

I literally have thousands of games I want to sell, I’ve owned every system since Atari 2600. Can you sell things as a lot, for example I would like to sell all my N64 games as one lot to save time.

Do you get cash for games or is it just credits? I’m not interested in credits as I am trying to get rid of all my games, not aquire new ones. I understand GameFlip will keep 10%.

Thank you in advance,

Hi @Soccerguy30, welcome to Gameflip! Happy to have you join us. I’m a member of the Gameflip Live Operations team and will be one of the admins roaming the forums helping our users. I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions :smile:

Yes! We encourage bundling because it helps with selling old games, such as N64 games, because generally people will want to collect more than one. However, if you do do this, please be aware that our provided Gameflip Shipping option is only valid for items weighing less than 0.5 lbs. You can ship multiple items, as long as they are under this weight. If you find that your bundle is above this weight limit, you must select Seller Shipping instead, and provide your own shipping. You can do this at your local post office.

You will receive cash in all of your direct transactions. AKA – if someone buys from you, even if they personally use Credits, you will always receive cash from the transaction. And as you said, Gameflip will keep 10% commission – flat.

Let me know if you have any more questions! :grin: :sparkles:

Thank you for the reply, I have a few more questions. If you get paid cash how do you get paid? I created my first listing but didn’t see an option to input payment or bank routing information.

Also I am selling hundreds of games with their corresponding consoles, I have included pictures but obviously cannot post bar codes for each individual item. Any suggestions?

I was curious about the same until I made my first EFT withdrawal straight in to my checking account to assess fees and processing time. Once you tell the app you would like to make a withdrawal it will ask you for your bank’s routing and account numbers. The one thing the app didn’t notify me of before hand was the EFT fee structure when making a withdrawal, but the fees are minimal at best.

Any EFT below $10 has a $1 (per withdrawal) fee and any EFT $10 or above has a $0.25 (per withdrawal) fee.