Automatic Delivery not so Automatic

I made a purchase of a listing with Automatic Delivery but It’s been 3 hours and the status hasn’t changed from “Wait for Delivery. Seller will contact you to arrange the delivery.”

I thought that automatic delivery meant you would receive what you bought immediately. At least that’s how it works when I sell through automatic delivery; the key is released and I get rated even before I’m notified that I made a sale.

How can I cancel an order if the key is not released immediately? Contacting support takes 3 days to get back to me so that is a hassle if that is the only way. This is my first purchase so I am not sure but is it normal for keys to be listed as automatic delivery when they are not?

Was this resolved? I’m having the same issue.

Can you send me via PM your invite code so I can check this purchase for you?