Wait For Delivery - Bug

So i bought a PSN code via auto delivery and it didn’t auto deliver. Luckily, the guy got back to me and i got to redeem the code. But the order is still on “wait for delivery”. Was wondering if this could be fixed so i could rate seller!

I am having the same problem but the seller hasn’t answered me yet. I am giving him some time to do it because today is Sunday and he probably lives in a different timezone. However, I plan on emailing support if he doesn’t answer me in a couple more hours.

Hey @CE5k21, the seller needs to mark your purchase as shipped, so you will be able to rate him.


Why is this happening? This issue was reported over 6 months ago and still hasn’t been fixed. When something is marked as “auto delivery”, it should be automatically delivered, but it wasn’t for me when I just bought a code. What’s happening? I wanted to use the code now and that’s why I selected a listing which had auto delivery, but now it says that I have to “wait for delivery”. Why would you make an “auto delivery” feature if it doesn’t work?? And what am I supposed to do now?