I can’t return back any of my items from the bot!

When i try to return items to my inventory the gameflip bot would send me a trade offer as usual. However, When i try to accept i get “trade error (2)” on steam then the trade gets cancelled.

Invite code: Y576GE

This error only shows up when i try to return any of my dota 2 items from the bot.
I’m able to deposit/return other items to the bot and accept trades outside gameflip normally.

Got the same error i bought a dota2 item but i cant get it. it always shows error

Yea same here, everytime i try to buy, i get error and trade is cancelled.

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Dota Server is buggy right now, items are disappearing, you can check discussions on steam/reddit.


Oh wow thanks for the info

The website is acting weired today i encountered many issues including this one. i think the website is under maintenance that’s why

@Triplou, this issue I think is related to Steam directly.

But if anyone can share some screenshots (if the issue is still happening), I’d be glad to take a look.


In my case i get this error when i try to accept the trade offer then the it gets cancelled.

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@DunnBiscuit i got the same error as this when i tried to withdrawal my Dota 2 item that i bought. Another issue i encountered today that i was asked to submit verification out of no where and when i add my credit card then click next nothing happens

@Triplou, this issue was coming from Steam and Dota, please try again.

Regarding the verification, I posted an announcement here.


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