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Hello everyone. My name is Andrew, I have a very big problem. I find gameflip.com about few monthes ago. And few days ago I accept a decision to register and buy few interesting game keys for myself. But the main problem is because of I am form Ukraine. Credit cards from my country are blocked and I cant to add funds. I know about second way - to use Paypal, but as it says in Help Center I have to verify my ID. I found that its impossible for me, because of ID card. In our country we have only biometrical passports, only newborn people have a possibility to get ID card. People like me (I have 20 years old) have only biometrical passports. What about driving license? I have not driving license because I have not a car and also I have not driving license. Finally I have not a possibility to release full registration because of I have not ID card and driving license, ukranian credit card are blocked on this site. I dont wnat to sell, I just want to buy sometimes interesting orders for myself.
Can anyone helps me or gives some advise?

Does anyone from you family members have ID or Driving License. You can register an account on their name.

You should have a physical version of the passport right?

If so, please send it so we can use it as verification. To do so, please do the following: create a ticket to the support team here:
Then send the photos of the Passport there explaining the situation as you did here.


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