Need help to sell

I wanna keep selling/buying on gameflip but I’m from Puerto Rico so I can’t neither add funds nor put a credit/debit card because Puerto Rico isn’t supported. I tried verifying my ID and it got rejected aswell saying “wrong documents”. I have a good set of reviews but my account is way too new. What should I do?

Invite code: EGGKG7

Hi @abominatic! I’m sorry to hear about your issues, but I think the best alternative for you is still going through the document verification process.

Here’s a nice article explaining better how to get approved:

If you continue to encounter problems, please let us know!

Thanks for this! I noticed that my primary address on my gameflip account wasn’t the one in my driver’s license because I was using one to test, but I changed it now. Maybe this is why I got rejected on the first time. I submitted again for id verification to see if this time I pass!

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My ID verification was accepted. Thanks for the help. I have no idea if I’m able to do it because I don’t know to, but you can close this post already.

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