my verify application got approved but still cant sell yet

after long time of waiting finally i got my verify application approved today, 1st time i tried to verify by id it got rejected cuz my id was in different language ( its in arabic and its my main language ) and gameflip asked for an id in english and since there is no such thing in english in my country, i found out i can verify by phone number, so i contacted my mobile number phone company and asked them if they can get my bill in english and they actually got me one in english and after waiting long time it just got approved today, problem is i still cant list anything for sale yet.
i tried to verify by long success track of selling rule but no one answered me, im very active seller with 1226 feedback ratings.
can anyone help me please in this ??

my code : 7YPMF8

In your Gameflip profile, do you see this verified badge? If not then you are not ID verified, which is the sell requirement.

You can fulfill any other requirement though:

tbh, you can just add 5$ and start selling already [ which is for me the fastest method ]
or yes just like galacticarm you just need to check on your profile is there any verified badges already

Unfortunately, your ID got rejected again.

Please send us photos of your passport. This will suffice to get your ID verified in your case.

Thank you.